Arrcus CEO: Enabling new 5G network services

Shekar Ayyar, chairman and CEO of Arrcus, sees a lot of upside for telcos wanting to create new network services. His optimism is rooted in the changes he sees in network infrastructure and a new kind of convergence between enterprise and service provider networks.

His company, Arrcus, is a networking software company that provides core-to-edge network and transport infrastructure (all the routing and switching, with analytics and other services). In our conversation, recorded last month at MWC Las Vegas, Ayyar outlines three areas where telcos can take advantage of new technologies and converging networks to set themselves apart from cloud providers and software-as-a-service specialists.

Ayyar spotlights edge computing and network security as two areas where network operators can make a difference. He also discusses SRv6 (Segment Routing Version 6) as a new development that simplifies routing and gives network operators more policy control over traffic.

He said SRv6 could give network operators the ability to deliver services across converged IP and mobile networks with the same policies in place throughout. It "enables the mobile network to come closer to the IP network and make it more programmable, like the IP network," Ayyar explains. Because of how the technology is implemented, Ayyar said SRv6 could excite enterprise application developers to build high-value services for telco networks in a way that wasn't possible before.

Enterprise developers build applications for specific cloud providers but rarely for mobile networks, which are treated as a separate piece of the infrastructure. SRv6 could change that.

"This sort of innovation is now going to open up that marketplace, I would say, for people to jump in and build applications and network functions and then consume that from the enterprise," Ayyar said.

If you want to skip around and listen, here are a few more things covered in this interview:

  • Arrcus is more than just a router vendor. (0:43)
  • Arrcus and SoftBank demonstrate 5G network slicing. (07:37)
  • The Arrcus platform can create a new kind of network service provider – but how does it get paid for that? (11:26)

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