Rent a Monkey

NOON -- Sigh. Monkeys are once more being co-opted for criminally offensive pursuits, according to this recent blog on Reuters:

    If you have ever wished that there was an instant and automatic way of reminding someone else to complete a task, this may be just what you have been waiting for. Well here it is, the ultimate nagging service. Monkey On Your Back is a reminder service with a twist. It allows you to set up reminders that are automatically emailed to a specific recipient at regular intervals until the date of your choice.

    It sounds like a great concept for anyone who wants to keep bugging others to finish a task, but either don't have the time to check up on them personally or don't want to come across as nagging. Just set up a "monkey" to do that task for you and you can relax and do whatever it is that your time is better spent doing.
Yes, "whatever it is that your time is better spent doing"... like pulling the wings off flies, taunting small children, poisoning your neighbor's goldfish...

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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