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The Telecoms.com Podcast: Private Networks, SI Competition & Huawei

Jamie takes the helm this week as the filling in a Light Reading sandwich completed by Ray and Iain. They start by reflecting on the 'Private Networks in the 5G Era' event they all recently attended, which naturally leads to a discussion of whether systems integrators are allies or competitors to operators in this space and others. To finish off, Jamie dares to tackle the topic of Huawei allegedly suing people who say things it doesn't like.

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Glfrost 12/8/2019 | 3:13:54 PM
Wrong Way Huawei? International Disaggregation? Stunning that that Human Rights & China is not even a business consideration given Hong Kong circumstances unbolting GB and now proven discrete component production of high power components in Chinese slave labor camps shown in smuggled video. Downside to carriers in the PR space is growing doing business with China. Apple has begun to even prepare for PR hits as new video surfaces and employees at Huawei etc are protesting abuse in Shenzhen. Rising costs in China don’t suggest long term stability and FX analysis of the Chinese ¥ show Chinese current accounts $50 Trillion negative with now around $1T in liquid assets. In1999 we created a completely Converged Communications Infrastructure disaggregated and run live in US regional in 2002.and the “edge/CO” model that worked. This is clearly not the Chinese Communist Party view or large carriers. We need to rethink the entire model.
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