Infinera Bags Big Bear

The other paw drops today, as Infinera Inc. plans to announce it is the other buyer for Big Bear Networks's assets.

Startup Big Bear is in the last stages of shutting down, and last week the company announced it had sold its 10- and 40-Gbit/s transponder business to Finisar Corp. (Nasdaq: FNSR). (See Big Bear Put to Sleep.) The rest of Big Bear had been sold to an undisclosed "chip" company that turns out to be systems company Infinera -- whose technology admittedly stems from home-grown indium phosphide (InP) chips.

Infinera says it's picked up Big Bear's intellectual property and hard assets related to electronic dispersion compensation. Four of Big Bear's employees have been brought on board, and "a handful of others" are acting as consultants, says David Welch, Infinera's chief strategy officer.

Infinera has been using Big Bear's technology "for several years now," making the deal a natural fit, Welch says.

Big Bear's chips perform electronic dispersion compensation, a technology that can be used to clean up a signal to make transmissions more reliable at high speeds and/or long distances.

Infinera will continue using Big Bear's chips, eventually integrating the technology with Infinera's other electronics. Infinera will not sell Big Bear's chips to other companies, Welch says.

— Craig Matsumoto, Senior Editor, Light Reading

icenine 12/5/2012 | 2:51:41 AM
re: Infinera Bags Big Bear Big Bear had no chance of making a business w/ LRM. Like the world was crying for another module supplier.

If this becomes a checkbox feature for optics, what is the business plan for Scintera or Clariphy? SR XFPs cost how much? How cheap must a XFP be w/ LRM to sell, and what % of that BOM is for LRM?

How long they get sold for the scrap value of their assets?
iamwhoiam 12/5/2012 | 2:51:40 AM
re: Infinera Bags Big Bear it does not make sense that Infinera buys the entire EDC portofolio from BB since they don't need a MM EDC. They may have just purchased the single mode EDC that fits into what Infinera is doing. There should be a third buyer for the salvage and this one should be some chip company who still wants a piece of the LRM pie. Bet on AMCC, Vitesse or Broadcom. Another major player on the MM EDC arena is a small company based in UK called Phyworks. Rumors go that they potentially have the best MM EDC of all.
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