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kq4ym 10/14/2016 | 9:39:24 AM
Re: Cookies & Beer From Airstream trailers to pup tent, and cookies to veggies, looks like the meetings were informative if not downright entertaining despite changing area weather typical there!
cnwedit 10/3/2016 | 2:10:08 PM
Re: Cookies & Beer Good point, Mitch. It was cooler in Bellevue, at least on Tuesday and Wednesday. I managed to dress wrong all three days - the first day, I was wearing long sleeves and it was hot. The next two days, I had thinner shirts and it was cold. 

I admired the candid comment from the Ericsson guy about learning that hard way not to create your own version of open source code.

I was a bit of a failure at the beer and cookies event. I drank a glass of wine instead and photographed the cookies instead of eating them. I really wanted the popcorn that was being handed out as well but the line was too long 
Mitch Wagner 10/3/2016 | 1:26:05 PM
Cookies & Beer I suspect the lack of T-shirts and bare feet may have been because the weather was cooler? Interesting point on the "upstream first" strategy from Ericsson. Once you've made changes in a release you run the risk of forking it, and that's accepting a lot of responsibility. I would watch the "Adventures of Crispin Blackall," particularly if it was as Doctor Who spinoff. Binge eating is a big problem for me at conferences. I would have gained 10 pounds at this one. Though cookies and beer seems like an unappetizing combination. I would drink the beer right away and save the cookies for later.
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