2005 Top Ten: Notable Quotes

The top items from the past year's Quotes of the Week

Kevin Cramer

December 26, 2005

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2005 Top Ten: Notable Quotes

Bob Metcalfe was holding forth, once again, to the assembled players: "So our children are stealing music today, but very soon they’ll be stealing full-length feature films, and it’s our job to give them the infrastructure to do that..."

There came a knock on the door.

"Get that, will you, Raj?"

"Enjoy living in a well the way frogs do," retorted Raj Singh.

"Goddam it! I'll get it myself..." Metcalfe threw down his cards and stalked to the door. There stood Carl Russo, who entered carrying a cardboard carton:

“I'm collecting bottles of urine.”

"Really?" said Capt. Juniper. "Juniper doesn’t have an acquisition strategy.”

Bob shrugged. "Let's get back to the game... You gonna raise, Hong Lu?"

"I think it is prudent to remain cautious."

Bob flashed his aces and Andy Stevenson threw down his queens in disgust. "I was totally gobsmacked!”


"Enjoy living in a well the way frogs do!"

Bernie Ebbers sighed and pushed back his chair. "I know what I don't know... and to this day I don't know technology and I don't know finance and accounting.”

The toilet flushed. Andrew Knott came in, adjusting his fly. "They were certainly floating at the top of the tank. But not anymore.”

Carl Russo approached him. "I'm collecting bottles of urine."

"Hey, it's a hobby."

"Hell with this," grumbled Bernie. "What's on the tube?"

"No, don't!" John Abel exclaimed. "Humans behave like animals when they get around video!”An explosion in the kitchen rocked the house. Susan Schramm stumbled out, trailing clouds of smoke. "Calling your refrigerator to have it tell you what to buy is not on the early application list," she mumbled before she collapsed.

As the boys staggered to their feet, Steve Saunders, who'd tapped out early, shouted from the window, "Hey guys! It's great! From up here on the 21st floor I can hock a loogie that will kill a small animal!"

Carl grinned inanely. "I'm collecting bottles of urine."

"Enjoy living in a well the way frogs do!"

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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