Here Are All the 5G Devices Announced & Released So Far

Now that dozens of operators around the world are switching on their initial 5G networks, device makers are rushing to actually bring 5G services to customers.

According to a new report released today from the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA), there are now a total of 39 vendors globally that have announced a total of 90 different 5G products destined for networks around the globe. However, the vast majority of those products are not yet commercially available.

It's no surprise that the bulk of such devices are phones (25 and counting, according to the GSA). But a growing number are not. The group counted several hotspots and more than two dozen consumer premise equipment (CPE) gadgets, both of which are designed to receive a 5G signal and then use it to broadcast a WiFi Internet connection to nearby devices. But the GSA also found a few other interesting form factors, including:

  • An IoT router announced by Inseego
  • Two drones, announced by Percepto and Sunsea
  • One laptop coming from Lenovo
  • And one robot, also announced by Sunsea

However, the details around many such devices remain unclear at best, and those who follow the electronics industry know that a device announcement doesn't necessarily result in an actual product. And even if the product is actually built, it might not become widely available.

Thus, here's the full list from the GSA of all the 5G devices that are officially commercially available:

  • HTC 5G Hub (hotspot)
  • Huawei 5G CPE 2.0 (indoor and outdoor CPE)
  • Huawei 5G CPE Win (outdoor and window CPE)
  • Huawei 5G CPE Pro (indoor CPE)
  • LG V50 ThinQ (phone)
  • Motorola 5G Moto Mod (snap-on dongle)
  • Netgear Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hotspot (hotspot)
  • Nokia Fastmile 5G Gateway (CPE with indoor/ outdoor receiver options)
  • OnePlus OnePlus 7Pro 5G (phone)
  • Oppo Reno 5G (phone)
  • Samsung SFG-D0100 (indoor CPE)
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 5G (phone)

To be clear, a few of the above devices (like the Galaxy S10 5G) sell in a few different iterations, like one for US networks and one for European networks, and are therefore counted separately in the GSA's list. To make things simple, we combined the various iterations into one bullet point per device.

For a full list of operators that are offering 5G services, check out this global 5G map published by Speedtest company Ookla.

Mike Dano, Editorial Director, 5G & Mobile Strategies, Light Reading | @mikeddano

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