SlideshowCable to Tout '10G' at CES

Spinal Tap still has 'em all beat. Just sayin'.
Spinal Tap still has 'em all beat. Just sayin'.

Jeff Baumgartner 1/7/2019 | 2:21:34 PM
Re: 10G when? I agree...getting to 10G symmetrical is a ways out, and it's not clear when consumers will need it (businesses could be another story) -- but it's something i think we still wonder about with 1-gig  speeds  today.

But amid all this hype around 5G, cable seems to be getting be getting together on creating the foundational layer for what it has in mind,  whether its actual Full Duplex and share upstream and downstream in the same spectrum or go with a static approach paired with expanded spectrum DOCSIS that keeps the upstream and downstream separate and is less ops-heavy since it won't need N+0.   Given that field trials are eyed for 2020 full fledged deployments of the baseline technologies is at least 2 years away, it seems. JB
daveburstein 1/5/2019 | 6:33:47 PM
10G when? Good stuff, but Mike Powell may need a reality check. It's highly unlikely a meaningful number of homes will get 10 symmetric in five years and possibly not in ten years.
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