Slideshow2019: The year telecom went doolally about 5G

Smombie in a Red Dress
A smartphone zombie photographed moments before a potential collision.
A smartphone zombie photographed moments before a potential collision.

Cloud 4G 12/18/2019 | 11:50:36 PM
5G Had to be Hyped Because the improvements are much more about long-term and extending the platform to use much higher frequency bands and types of service.  The majority of markets, including the consumer markets, only need 5G so that a higher degree of head-room for growth will be supported.


To be fair, there are new applications entering into use including better interactive voice recognition and control, multi-user video conferencing and gaming that can gain from 5G.  However, the applications from Google, Facebook and others now use 4G. Some need new headsets, phones and home devices.  In other words, that is almost business as usual.. except th icon says 5G.


The industry has to hype 5G because unlike 3G and 4G the market is not rushing into the mobile shop to get hands on the newest decvices so that the video will stop being a pain in the keester and other apps will work.  Most apps now work and we switch between them with ease... as our brains turn into mush from having phone-app 5-20 second attention spans. 
James_B_Crawshaw 12/11/2019 | 5:12:27 AM
Wheely? I think 1G wheel for transport was invented by the Mesopotamians, or close neighbours. The Greeks were early adopters of 2G spoked wheels but these were probably invented in the Ural region of modern Russia. 
sbiran 12/11/2019 | 4:03:52 AM
As always direct and to the point Had me giggling like a little girl:-)
ajwdct1 12/10/2019 | 12:11:46 PM
5G to be biggest train wreck in tech history! Terrific article! But what about standards and interoperability?

All the 5G hype and exaggeration is beyond unbelievable, especially since not a single 5G standard has been approved!  What's been deployed has largely been 5G NSA- 5G NR (3GPP Release 15) for the data path with a COMPLETE LTE infrastructure for everything else, e.g. signaling/control plane, mobile packet core, network management, etc.

ITU-R WP 5D won't complete the IMT 2020 Radio Interface Technologies (RIT/SRIT) till late 2020, but that will probably be delayed pending submission of 3GPP Release 16 which will hopefully specify: ultra low latency, ultra high reliability, 5GC (5G packet core), network management, etc.  Many other hyped 5G non-radio features/functions, like network slicing, virtual RAN, virtual packet core, security, edge computing/AI, etc are to be standardized by ITU-T, but to date no implementable specs have been produced- only functional requirements and reference architectures.  That means every 5G network operator will work with its equipment and software vendors to specify those functions = no interoperability.

Yet few journalists point this out and refute the endless claims made by telcos and their vendors.

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