LTE Action in Amsterdam

2:10 PM -- AMSTERDAM -- LTE World Summit -- While the Light Reading and Heavy Reading contingents are all over the Service Provider Information Technology (SPIT) scene at the TM Forum 's Management World 2010 event in Nice, Wireless Bits and is hanging out in Amsterdam this week at the LTE World Summit. (See Volcano 1, Light Reading 1.)

Not even ash cloud from the pronunciation-challenged Eyjafjallajokull volcano could keep your intrepid reporter away from the LTE action.

And it apparently hasn't kept a lot of folks away, given the number of attendees here. You'd never guess that some Amsterdam-bound execs got stranded at home or en route, although some attendees are extra bleary-eyed after enduring airport delays [ed. note: though in Amsterdam, bleary eyes can mean all kinds of things].

The most wince-worthy travel story Wireless Bits has heard here so far is of a US-based exec whose flight had to turn around and go all the way back to the States when it was just two hours outside Amsterdam. So close, yet so far! If your journey was more like an Odyssey, let us know on the message board.

In the meantime, Light Reading Mobile and Wireless Bits will be reporting on all the LTE goings-on here in the Netherlands. And maybe while I'm here, someone will explain to me why the spectrum in the recent Dutch auction sold for next-to-nothing. (See Spare Change for Dutch Spectrum and TeliaSonera on LTE: Just Do It!)

— Michelle Donegan, European Editor, Light Reading Mobile

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