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SlideshowCan LoRa Withstand the Cellular Stampede?

iainmorris 1/23/2019 | 6:10:18 AM
Re: Definitions Thanks for the info, Alex. Will make sure to check out the research.
RethinkAlex 1/23/2019 | 5:33:43 AM
Definitions Hi Iain. Important to note that the billion "IoT connections" that Ericsson predicted does not equal Cat-M or Cat-NB, and includes a heap of stuff that runs on the older protocols. However, I'm pretty sure that when it says "cellular IoT" we can it on its word that those are Cat-M and Cat-NB. I've seen some confusion in some outlets, resulting from that terminology.


Also, we have LoRa at around 40mn actual devices this year, but very quickly rising to around 540mn in 2023 - although that's not total devices, rather just our view on the key use cases. If you're interested, you can take a look here - https://rethinkresearch.biz/report/key-lpwan-use-cases-forecast-to-2023/
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