Internet: Chimp or Champ?

4:45 PM -- News Flash! The Internet is evolving -- and we are doing our part to follow it.

Yesterday, Light Reading launched yet another Website -- this one focused on the future of the Internet and where it's going. It's called Internet Evolution.

The site will features news, analysis, and opinion. We're also publishing special reports; the first one of which is The New Content Ecosystem: Resistance Is Futile FATAL!.

Of course, we can't presume to know everything about the Internet ourselves. That's why we have recruited dozens and dozens of experts -- soon it will be hundreds -- to tell us what they think about it. In addition to original reporting, Internet Evolution features ThinkerNet, a moderated blogosphere of Internet experts.

On ThinkerNet you can read what Craig Alexander Newmark, the Internet entrepreneur best known for being the founder of Craigslist, has to say about the future of the Internet -- and even discuss his article on the message boards with him.

Some other contributors will include Lawrence G. Roberts, CEO and President of Anagran Inc., and a former Arpanet designer; Philip Rosedale, the founder of Linden Labs, which runs Second Life; Robert Scoble, a popular tech blogger, technical evangelist, and author; and Ralph Szygenda, General Motors Group Vice President and Chief Information Officer. But it doesn't stop there. There will be literally hundreds of them.

Please stop in and have your say. The evolution of the Internet depends on it.

— R. Scott Raynovich, Editorial Director, Light Reading

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