Blogosphere Yawns at New Treo

5:35 PM -- A quick round-up of initial geek comments on the new Treo 680, from blog comment threads:

  • "I could just cut my stub [antenna] off with a hacksaw and call my 700 a 680!" -- "Sparty," on engadget

  • "As great as the device does look, it's still running that clunker of an OS. Just put my 700p up on eBay today to get myself a [T-Mobile] Dash." -- "Kevin," on engadget

  • "Seems like they are playing catch up, especially since the specs have not improved much over the Treo 650." -- "gjameson" on PalmAddict

  • "The performance aspect has not really changed, so it's just a nice-looking Palm, which has last year's technology." -- "thepalmowner," on PalmAddict

Consensus: The 680, though a nice package, is essentially a lower-priced, repackaged Treo with an outmoded OS and a few bells and whistles (like the ultra-cool Google Maps, mobile version). Not exactly a game-changer for a company whose stock has dropped by a third in the last five months.

— Richard Martin, Senior Editor, Unstrung

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