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SlideshowGoogle Cloud Offering 'Preemptible' GPUs Plus Price Cut

(Source: ECN)
(Source: ECN)

Susan Fourtané 1/15/2018 | 4:31:00 AM
Re: Google’s machine learning I like the potential that large-scale machine learning represents for advancing research.
Susan Fourtané 1/15/2018 | 2:34:46 AM
Re: Wonder how cost effective this might be for cryptocurrency mining? What I meant was that there are already a few Google developments that took a different course from what was initially announced, such as Google Car and Google Fibre.
kq4ym 1/9/2018 | 1:11:32 PM
Re: Google’s machine learning It does seem only normal with Google's big investment in AI and machine learning that they would eventually offer this service. Noting that "preemptible GPUs will be a particularly good fit for large-scale machine learning," this move not only gives some publicity to Google but contributes to the bottom line for their cloud computing services as well.
mhhfive 1/7/2018 | 9:18:28 PM
Wonder how cost effective this might be for cryptocurrency mining? With the prices of cryptocurrencies going a bit crazy, I wonder how many folks will be "embezzling" some of their employer's down cycles with mining operations... :P As for what ever happened to Google Car.. didn't it become Waymo? Or am I missing something in your question?
Susan Fourtané 1/6/2018 | 9:56:45 AM
Google’s machine learning It all seems to indicate that the future is all about machine learning and learning machines. What ever happened with the Google car?
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