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Whoops! Apple's New iPhone Software Breaks Office 365

Enterprises using Office 365 will want to hold off upgrading iPhones and iPads to the latest, greatest operating system version, as the Mail app on iOS 11 is incompatible with Office 365, as well as Exchange Server 2016 and Outlook.com.

More specifically, you can't send or reply to messages, according to an article on the Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) support site.

Microsoft suggests downloading the free Outlook for iOS client from the iOS App store. Also, "If you use the Mail app to sync data from Exchange Server 2016 that is running on Windows Server 2016, you can ask the system administrator to disable HTTP/2 in Windows Server 2016 as a workaround. The instructions on disabling HTTP/2 can be found in the Workaround section of KB 4032720: How to deploy custom cipher suite ordering in Windows Server 2016," Microsoft says.

Man purchases iPhone at Regent St., London. He'll be less happy if he goes back to work and tries to get his Office 365 email. Photo from Apple.
Man purchases iPhone at Regent St., London. He'll be less happy if he goes back to work and tries to get his Office 365 email. Photo from Apple.

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Microsoft and Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) are working on a fix, and will post more information to the support article when it becomes available, Microsoft says.

Apple says on its support site that users experiencing the problem will see the error message "Cannot Send Mail. The message was rejected by the server." The two companies are working on a fix, and will resolve the problem in an upcoming software update, Apple says.

The bug persists despite users reporting this problem in the iOS 11 beta as far back as July.

"This really pisses me off," says a person on Reddit. "Apple has known about this ever since beta 4 or 5 and have done nothing about it. This is a big bug and lots of people use exchange servers."

The Register is having fun with this one. Attention adults working in the real world: Do not upgrade to iOS 11 if you use Outlook, Exchange. The article refers to Apple as the "Cupertino idiot-tax operation."

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Susan Fourtané 9/23/2017 | 10:25:17 AM
Re: How funny Mitch, — I didn’t know this was a problem for some people until after reading your article. What I found funny was my surprise to learn someone was having trouble with something I was so happy with. The new iOS has worked perfectly for me, everything works better than before, and my iPhone 6 Plus seems to be even faster. But you know all this, of course. I copied below what Apple says on its support Website. This is not Apple’s responsibility. Although many will use it against Apple.
Susan Fourtané 9/23/2017 | 10:16:54 AM
Re: How funny Mhh - On it support site, Apple says: ”Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement. Apple assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection, performance, or use of third-party websites or products. Apple makes no representations regarding third-party website accuracy or reliability. Risks are inherent in the use of the Internet. Contact the vendor for additional information. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.” — So, it’s pretty much like I said. Apple offers users the possibility to use Office 365 if they wish to use it, but Apple is not responsible for things Apple has not developed or tested. It makes sense to me. Microsoft is then the one to blame.
Susan Fourtané 9/23/2017 | 10:05:51 AM
Re: How funny Mhh - What I find funny is that I am so happy with iOS11, and everything works so well and fast, faster than before, that I really thought everybody else was as I happy with iOS as I was. Before reading this article, I had no idea that someone was having trouble. I don’t think Apple is to blame for this. The one behind Office 365 is Miccrosoft, not Apple. Apple is just offering access to it through its iPhones and iPads. Unless I am missing something, of course.
Joe Stanganelli 9/22/2017 | 10:57:15 PM
The Register Yeah, the Register has fun with a lot of stuff. ;)

Not a Brit, but I <3 the Register and its sarcastic cheekiness on all things tech.
Joe Stanganelli 9/22/2017 | 10:56:15 PM
Re: How funny @Michelle: This is fairly typical. When was the last major or semi-major iOS update that DIDN'T have major, headline-snagging flaws? I can't think of a single one in the past few years.
Joe Stanganelli 9/22/2017 | 10:53:25 PM
Re: How funny @mhh: Apple and Microsoft aren't the cat-and-dog rivals they once were, and have worked together a lot recently. I'm not so sure Microsoft has a laissez-faire about compatibility here, exactly.
Mitch Wagner 9/22/2017 | 4:33:01 PM
Re: How funny Not funny at all if you're just some schlub trying to get work email. 

ECN's parent, Informa, uses Office 365, but we are standardizedon the Outlook app for iOS access. So we didn't miss a beat. Indeed, I didn't even know this was a problem for other people until very late yesterday. 
Michelle 9/22/2017 | 4:01:28 PM
Re: How funny Blame the QA team...

I really do wonder what kind of interal struggles made this possible. Was one company staying silent while the other tried to work things out? Is there a major drama brewing behind those doors??
mhhfive 9/22/2017 | 3:23:53 PM
Re: How funny Probably not that funny for rank&file employees who just wanted to sent a few emails and get some work done... Is this a bigger mark against Apple or MSFT? Who will get blamed. MSFT isn't exactly known for making super-compatible software that doesn't break when used with other platforms, so it's not 100% Apple's fault, is it? Or will (or should) Apple shoulder all the blame in this situation?
Susan Fourtané 9/22/2017 | 2:59:55 PM
How funny I find this very funny. :) I find it funny because I am extremely happy with iOS11. I haven’t found anything I don’t like, or doesn’t work for me. But of course, I don’t have anything Microsoft on any of my Apple devices.
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