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Swiss Re Moves to Swisscom Cloud

When natural disaster strikes, Swiss Re needs to move fast. The global reinsurance company -- it provides insurance to insurance companies -- is turning to cloud services from Swisscom to increase business agility, including infrastructure, databases and development.

Swiss Re is looking to Swisscom AG (NYSE: SCM) cloud services to give its 12,500 employees at 70 global locations fast access to reliable data, Swisscom said in a statement Tuesday. Swisscom is providing a development platform, runtime environment, databases and IT service management, using infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (SaaS), database-as-a-service, integration, management and service portals, Swisscom says.

Swiss Re plans to develop new solutions in the Swisscom Application Cloud, built on microservices and other modern software design methods, and using Cloud Foundry, the standards for cloud-native open source platforms.

Swisscom stores its data in Switzerland, which was a key factor in Swiss Re's selection process, Swisscom says. Swisscom plans to offer its cloud services from global locations in the future, initially Hong Kong and the US.

That's all from Swisscom's point of view. We hope to be able to tell you Swiss Re's perspective on the deal soon.

Earlier this week, Swisscom announced that it's using PlumGrid SDN software to increase flexibility and manageability for enterprise customers. (See Swisscom Taps PlumGrid SDN for OpenStack Cloud Services.)

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