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SlideshowOracle's Ellison: We'll Beat Amazon Cloud Pricing by Half

Oracle's Larry Ellison
Oracle's Larry Ellison

Joe Stanganelli 9/22/2017 | 10:58:29 PM
Re: Not the best example @daniel: It's not much different, I imagine, than punching out the biggest, toughest guy on one's first day in prison.

It's all rep-building in the fight for market share.
danielcawrey 9/20/2017 | 2:08:38 PM
Re: Not the best example I don't know if its good strategy to call out Amazon on cloud. How does Oracle make money if it charges half of what Amazon does?

All this is going to do is stir up a hornet's next if you ask me. 
Joe Stanganelli 9/20/2017 | 10:11:40 AM
Not the best example > "Human error. You might say how bad could it be? How bad could a simple little mistake be?" Ellison said. Then he cited Equifax Inc. as an example of an expensive problem caused by human error -- failure to implement a software patch."

Ehhh... I absolutely wouldn't refer to the Equifax "mistake" as "simple" or "little" or even in the singular "a". Yes, there was a failure to implement a software patch, but the entire organization reeks of poor security practices -- as evidenced, for example, by that terribly slapped-together equifaxsecurity2017 Wordpress site that was exposing debug codes and getting marked as a phishing site, as well as that Argentina portal that exposed a bunch of customer information.

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