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SlideshowLinkedIn: No Plans to Move to Microsoft Azure

Mitch Wagner 4/10/2017 | 1:48:51 PM
Re: Black eye for Microsoft danielcawrey - Agreed. I expect it will be a 3-5 year migration. 
danielcawrey 4/8/2017 | 4:53:23 PM
Re: Black eye for Microsoft For now. 

Let's be realistic: The two companies will converge on technology. LinkedIn's infrastructure guy is now Microsoft's CTO? Yeah, at some point there's going to be a consolidation. It will save the whole company money, that's for sure. 
Mitch Wagner 4/7/2017 | 5:42:53 PM
Black eye for Microsoft There's an expression among IT vendors: "Eating your own dogfood," or just "dogfooding." That means a company uses its own products. 

CIOs considering Azure are going to ask Microsoft "if Azure is so great, why isn't LinkedIn running on Azure?"

I can't think of a good answer that Microsot might provide. Can you?
Ariella 4/6/2017 | 3:45:46 PM
Re: Tick tick tick @Joe that could well be it. They may like to play it close to the vest. It's probably smarter to do it that way rather than announce something that is not completely certain yet.
Joe Stanganelli 4/6/2017 | 9:40:01 AM
Tick tick tick More accurately, perhaps: "no plans we're willing to announce".

Considering the immense value of LinkedIn's graph data to Microsoft and its products, integration is just a matter of time.
Scott_Ferguson 4/6/2017 | 9:28:02 AM
The trouble with big deals This is an important piece because it shows how the idea of tech mergers and "synergy" don't always work out the way you would think. It would seem logical that LinkedIn would bring its data over to the Microsoft cloud, but it doesn't seem like this will happen soon. At the same time, it shows that once a company is locked in to a cloud or a platform, it's hard to change, even when you have the resources of Microsoft at your disposal.
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