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Dude Plays 'Bohemian Rhapsody' on Weird Homemade Marimba at Dell EMC World

LAS VEGAS -- Dell EMC World -- Conference attendees were serenaded this week by what sounded like a marimba playing "Bohemian Rhapsody."

Along with several thousand of my closest friends, I came across this guy as we exited Monday's keynote address, featuring Dell CEO and chairman Michael Dell. (See Michael Dell: We're Seeing Public Cloud 'Boomerang Effect'.)

The marimba -- or, really, a marimba-like instrument -- seemed to be made of plastic piping, which the performer played by striking with mallets while singing along lustily.

I can truly say it was the best performance of its type that I've seen and heard. I stayed for the last two minutes of the performance, and recorded video. Here it is:


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kq4ym 5/17/2017 | 5:38:28 PM
Re: Has a Dell set aside for me.... That does seem to be a copy of the Blue Man group tubes, the sound being made by the column of air of the differening sizes of pipes. Here's a cool example of a marimba piece where the sound is coming from the differeing size rosewood bars and amplified by the tubes underneath the wood bars.


mhhfive 5/15/2017 | 3:19:39 PM
Re: Has a Dell set aside for me.... I think this guy is actually copying the Blue Man Group.. and built his own RimbaTubes. 

danielcawrey 5/15/2017 | 1:44:16 PM
Re: Has a Dell set aside for me.... Sometimes conferences can be droll - so this is a great way to make things interesting. 

An air guitar competition would have been cooler. 
Ariella 5/14/2017 | 6:34:35 PM
Re: Has a Dell set aside for me.... So I looked up Marimba and found it described here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marimba as a wooden percussion instrument. That would make it closely related to the xylophone. Substituting plastic for wood, undoubtedly changes the sound a great deal.
mhhfive 5/14/2017 | 4:04:35 PM
Has a Dell set aside for me.... That's a memorable way to promote hardware... and maybe it'll go viral now....
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