SlideshowOracle CEO Mark Hurd: Eventually, We'll Get Them All

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd (Source: Oracle)
Oracle CEO Mark Hurd (Source: Oracle)

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4/25/2017 | 6:59:46 PM
Re: end of life
I don't think too many customers take kindly to their service providers "helping" them to speed up their transitions to anything. It's a bit scary when you rely on a service and the manager of the service threatens to "end" the service to "get you all" into something else that may or may not fit with your company's goals. 

I'm sure there are on-premises companies that chose to remain so, so that they don't have to deal with various security issues of sending private data to unknown locations (where personal information may not be secure or legally kept).... But I guess we'll see everyone going to the cloud someday if the regulations can be satisfied.
3/28/2017 | 9:26:45 AM
Re: end of life
Yes, interesting about the end of lifetime comments and how that might fit in with the philosophy of moving to the cloud to "move investment off my balance sheet to someone else is a big deal. The fact that I can move staff from my employment to someone else..." and how on one hand it could save money ultimately but not all are quite ready for that move yet.
3/23/2017 | 12:15:24 AM
end of life
"End-of-lifing" opens a door to competitors, I imagine, depending on how disruptive the end-of-life transition is.
Mitch Wagner
Mitch Wagner
3/22/2017 | 3:06:50 PM
Cost-cutting is often portrayed as being an insufficient motivation to get the full benefit of the cloud. You don't get full benefit of the cloud by merely cutting cost – you have to change the business model, advocates say. 

But significant cost-cutting REQUIRES changing the business model. 

That's according to an Enterprise Cloud News special report coming any minute now. 
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