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Slideshow5 Facts About Cloud Service Brokers

kq4ym 6/8/2017 | 9:11:12 AM
Re: Great article Yes, it does show how the broker can be useful in circumstances as noted. The expertise would surely be a selling point to many companies intending to move forward into cloud applications and lacking the funding and personnel to quickly get up to speed as needed.
Michelle 5/31/2017 | 11:36:14 PM
Re: Great article I agree. An in-house department makes perfect sense. Just as other dedicated buying groups have dedicated departments, so should cloud brokering. 
JohnMason 5/30/2017 | 11:08:47 PM
Great article I like the presentation of cloud service brokers as facilitators for both large and small companies. It makes sense for large companies to have such brokers on their payroll (the way some large companies have brought many investment banking functions in house). At the same time, smaller companies can make use of third-party brokers to take advantage of the brokers' knowledge. It is inspired to use existing IT departments as in-house cloud service brokers. What a great idea.
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