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Canonical's Founder on the Key NFV Challenges Facing Operators

Canonical's founder, Mark Shuttleworth, highlights the key NFV challenges facing network operators and discusses the impact of cloud, IoT, open source and more on enterprises in all manner of verticals.

Scott_Ferguson 3/16/2017 | 9:53:51 AM
Re: security @mfaisalk: You're right with that. That was one of the more interesting parts of the interview and that he was able to talk about that in depth. It's unusual to hear that level of detail about security from someone like Mark, but you could see that he was really into the topic and has thought about it at a deep level. 
Faisal Khan 3/15/2017 | 1:02:53 PM
security Glad that the CEO of Canonical brought a valid concern regarding the "security". So often in the discussion in the software defined everything, security's concerns are  not given their due importance. When apps run in clouds, security would become a primary concern as hackers would find innovative ways to intrude these borderless networks
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