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SlideshowAppDynamics Wants to Buddy With Developers

kq4ym 4/17/2017 | 3:17:13 PM
Re: DevOps integration It will be interesting to watch how Cisco utilizes the acquisition in coming quarters. As noted, "AppDynamics is trying to get developers more involved in the process upfront, which can help improve performance, as well as bridge the gap between operations and the business sides of the enterprise." A fairly obvious goal to get as many interested as posssible for creative and efficient use of the systems to come.
Joe Stanganelli 4/7/2017 | 12:40:44 PM
Re: DevOps integration > "I think it's interesting to see AppDynamics support Go"

Here's as good a place as any to note my opinion that "Go" is a pretty dumb name for Google's programming language.

After reading this sentence fragment, Daniel, I briefly thought, "Go where?"  ;)
Joe Stanganelli 4/7/2017 | 12:39:12 PM
Re: DevOps integration > and 2) not clearly defined

And as we blur these DevOps lines even more (not to mention parse it even further with terms like "DevSecOps"), "Agile" and SCRUM are being increasingly applied in non-DevOps contexts.

Will the real DevOps please stand up?
Scott_Ferguson 4/6/2017 | 9:17:41 AM
Re: DevOps integration @danielcawrey: Especially at a time when developers are more impotant to the enterprise than ever. Also, I think part of this is motivated by Cisco, and that the parent company reaches out ot a lot clients/customers, so better to offer more than less. I was surprised about Go, too, but I guess that's why you have updates. 
danielcawrey 4/5/2017 | 10:53:55 PM
Re: DevOps integration It's always important to keep developers happy. I think it's interesting to see AppDynamics support Go, given that Google has long been really successful at courting developers. Many of them know Go and have adopted it because Google listened to what they wanted. 
Scott_Ferguson 4/5/2017 | 8:54:08 AM
Re: DevOps integration @Joe: I suspect you are right. When I spoke to the folks at AppDynamics, they really put an emphasis on the developer side of it, while ackowleding that DevOps is 1) hard to do and 2) not clearly defined: is it a culture, a set of apps, a title? The fact that these guys look at network performance, I think, does give them some insight into what DevOps could be. 
Joe Stanganelli 4/5/2017 | 8:33:10 AM
DevOps integration At the same time, DevOps is more than simply developing and deploying applications; it's increasingly infused into almost all parts of the organization's operations.  I suspect that AppDynamics is moving in this direction itself by way of DevOps tools -- and that Cisco has long recognized this potential.
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