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The Notebook Dump: Orange you glad the week is over?

Light Reading editors discuss orange skies over NYC, plus the future of the Affordable Connectivity Program, thoughts on Ciena's Vectors event, Apple's Vision Pro, CableLabs' DOCSIS 4.0 modem certification program and more.

DOCSIS 4.0 modems might first run rampant on DOCSIS 3.1 networks

New DOCSIS 4.0 modems will be capable of accelerating downstream speeds on existing DOCSIS 3.1 systems while operators push ahead with DOCSIS 4.0 network upgrades.

CableLabs kicks off DOCSIS 4.0 modem certification program

Cable modem vendors can submit DOCSIS 4.0-based products to CableLabs starting June 26. With fees starting at $209,000, CableLabs is prepared to test modems supporting the FDD and FDX options of the specs.

Footprint expansion key to Comcast's road to broadband subs growth, CEO says

Comcast is on track to 1 million passings in 2023 via fill-ins, edge-outs and 'hyberbuilds,' and is expected to pursue government subsidy dollars more aggressively in the coming years.

Vecima's DAA sales double amid fiber buildouts and HFC upgrades

A 104% surge in sales for distributed access architecture gear led Vecima Networks to post record fiscal Q3 revenues. But the company warned of some near-term lumpiness in the broadband access sector.

Casa fights 'FUD' to score vCCAP deal

Casa wrapped a delayed deal to supply network virtualization and DAA products to Claro Colombia after dealing with 'untruths being circulated by some of our fact-challenged competitors,' says interim CEO Ed Durkin.

Network upgrades set stage for boom in cable outdoor plant market

Enhancements to DOCSIS 3.1 networks and prep for DOCSIS 4.0 upgrades have the cable outdoor plant equipment market poised to pull down almost $10B through 2023, predicts Dell'Oro Group.

Cable One pins DOCSIS 4.0 network upgrades at $200 per household

Cable One's expected costs for DOCSIS 4.0 upgrades are similar to Comcast's. But the mid-sized operator says it intends to roll out D4.0 'selectively' on a market-by-market basis.

CommScope preps virtual CMTS as cable ops push network upgrades

Revenues at CommScope's access network solutions unit dropped 5.7% in Q1, but the company expects revenues to be more heavily weighted toward the second half of 2023.

Rogers puts DOCSIS 4.0 to the test

Rogers, Canada's top cable operator, is conducting 'practical trials' of DOCSIS 4.0 technology that are delivering multi-gigabit speeds on the HFC network, says CEO Tony Staffieri.

Comcast ekes out small broadband gain as wireless adds near another record

Comcast added 3,000 residential broadband subs in Q1, beating expectations that it would lose about 27,000. Meanwhile, Comcast added 355,000 mobile lines, raising its total to 5.66 million.

DOCSIS 4.0 gaining traction with cable ops – survey

ATX's annual survey of industry execs across 60 cable operators found that 48% of them intend to activate DOCSIS 4.0 in their HFC networks before the end of 2025.

Dr. Richard Green, CableLabs' first CEO, reflects on the dawn of DOCSIS

Dr. Richard Green reflects on the origins of CableLabs, the board meeting that led to DOCSIS, and the changes taking hold in an industry that's now focused on convergence and connectivity.

Casa touts traction for its DOCSIS 4.0-ready node

Casa Systems says Tier 1 ops in North and South America are deploying the DA2200, a DOCSIS 4.0-ready node that can support either the Full Duplex DOCSIS or Extended Spectrum DOCSIS flavor of the technology.

No 'meaningful catalyst' for cable broadband expected in Q1 results

Amid continued gains by fixed wireless competitors and slow housing move activity, top US cable operators are expected to lose about 2,000 broadband subs in Q1 2023, according to TD Cowen.

FPI on navigating network upgrades, prepping for BEAD and avoiding 'regrettable' spend

First Principles Innovations, a small company with a deep telecom background, has unleashed tools that help operators get the most out of their network upgrades and develop plans for greenfield deployments.

Cable One CEO: 'It's not our time' to enter the mobile game

CEO Julie Laulis says Cable One will stay focused on providing its core broadband service for now, but estimates that the company could execute a mobile launch in six to eight months.

Cable broadband: A look forward... and a look (way, way) back

The recent Cable Next-Gen event looked ahead. But it was also an opportunity to look back, when there was no DOCSIS and data was delivered over a 6MHz channel – enough to be 'wicked fast.'

Comcast's Elad Nafshi on network scale, DAA, 10G, PON and what's next for FDX

Elad Nafshi, Comcast's EVP and chief network officer, joined Light Reading's Jeff Baumgartner at Cable Next-Gen 2023 to expand on multiple facets of the operator's network evolution.

Cable access purchasing stays steady as PON goes gangbusters – Dell'Oro

Led by growth in passive optical networks, broadband equipment spending climbed 17% in 2022, notching a record of $19 billion, according to Dell'Oro Group.

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