Demystifying Wireless Innovation Centers

5:10 PM Those 'two guys in their garage' have moved up to much fancier digs, but what really gets done at the operators' innovation centers?

DCITDave 12/5/2012 | 4:53:02 PM
re: Demystifying Wireless Innovation Centers

I think it's great that operators are trying to get some momentum in the apps game.

But if you are a developer that has a limited budget, it would seem a better use of your time to build for between two and four main operating systems instead of building for a handful of carriers.

That might change over time, but the OS ecosystems reach more people, have better promotion and don't have the drawback of being stuck on one network.

Does that sound right or am I being too narrow-minded?

sarahthomas1011 12/5/2012 | 4:53:01 PM
re: Demystifying Wireless Innovation Centers

That's what I was trying to figure out too. As a developer, how does working at a carrier's innovation center really help the entirety of your business and help you reach the entire wireless ecosystem? That's what wireless operators are pitching.

But, really, it seems that the main reason to prioritize an operator innovation center is if you want their business for a particular app or to have it absorbed by them - like AT&T now using Apigee to expose its APIs.

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