Cashing In on E-Jihad

1:10 PM -- As Faithful Reader knows, your humble anthropoidal correspondent is always loath to report on telecom-related matters, but the following semi-literate email is striking, in that it comes from a reputedly genuine cyber security firm, not from the bereaved nephew of the late Prince Ndugu of Lesotho:

    A couple of days ago the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team issued a warning of a possible cyber attack by Islamic militant groups, aimed at penetrating and destroying US online stock trading.

    At Acunetix, we feel this is cause for comprehensive precautions to be taken to ensure that sensitive information does not end up in terrorist hands. We urge firms with an online presence to regularly perform a security audit of there
    [SIC] websites and web applications...
And who, you may ask, can perform this Vital National Security Audit? Could it be... Acunetix? Hmmm? For more on "the great purpose of jihad in the information sector," I refer you to the full release: US-CERT Issues Warning.

And everybody, please, before you PANIC... operators are standing by.

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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