CableLabs Issues New VOD Spec

CableLabs has come out with a more advanced tech spec for managing video-on-demand (VOD) programming. The new standard, known as the VOD Metadata Content Specification 2.0, aims at helping cable operators offer better on-demand search capabilities to their subscribers. CableLabs said the new spec, which it unveiled earlier today, represents a significant improvement over the VOD 1.1 standard that MSOs widely use now. Specifically, the consortium claimed that the new spec will reduce backend content transport and storage demands while boosting the amount of standardized metadata that can be tapped for customer searches. In addition, CableLabs argued that the new spec will simplify VOD navigation, permitting on-demand viewers to track down desired video scenes quicker and easier than before. Plus, CableLabs said the 2.0 metadata content standard will let MSOs reuse video programming in various combinations without having to re-encode the content. For example, cable operators could present the programming as a single feature or as part of a double feature without the need for re-encoding. Or MSOs could swap movie trailers without any re-encoding.
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