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Assia Lands WiFi Tech On Hitron CPE

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- ASSIA Inc., a leading provider of broadband diagnostic and optimization solutions to telecommunications companies globally, and Hitron Technologies Inc., the fastest growing DOCSIS Customer Premise Equipment manufacturer in North America, announced today a joint marketing and sales partnership to bring dynamic self-healing residential Wi-Fi networks to cable operators and their subscribers.

Hitron will offer ASSIA's CloudCheck Wi-Fi optimization and diagnostics solution through its home gateway devices. This solution will enable cable operators deploying Hitron gateways to gain visibility and control over subscriber Wi-Fi environments leading to significant reduction in customer support costs and vastly improved customer satisfaction.

CloudCheck enables self-healing Wi-Fi networks by leveraging ASSIA's machine-learning based cloud architecture with an agent solution in the gateway. CloudCheck performs real-time analysis compared against historical information to automatically optimize wireless network environments without operator or user intervention. In addition, Hitron gateways with CloudCheck make accurate context-based recommendations to subscribers, allowing them to benefit from true self-healing, self-optimizing and self-management capabilities.

Today, over half of the MSO's inbound service calls are related to Wi-Fi issues. Nearly a third of these calls result in costly tech dispatches and nearly 80% of those dispatches result in hardware replacements. The vast majority of those replacements are later found to be unnecessary with a high percentage of NTF (No Trouble Found) devices, resulting in subscriber frustration, repeat inbound service calls and service churn.

"ASSIA is proud to partner with Hitron, a proven industry leader, to provide MSO subscribers with the industry's most comprehensive solution to residential Wi-Fi service problems," said Jarrett Miller, Vice President of Global Alliances for ASSIA. "CloudCheck dynamically optimizes Wi-Fi and provides operators with true visibility into and control over subscriber Wi-Fi environments. This helps to eliminate, or shorten, inbound calls through the self-healing of subscriber Wi-Fi environments."

On the partnership, Greg Fisher, CTO of Hitron Technologies Americas, said, "Wi-Fi connectivity is vital for the consumer and paramount for broadband service providers. Hitron’s strategy is to deliver a Wi-Fi experience where the MSO’s demarcation point is the customer’s finger tips. With our best-in-class DOCSIS gateways, multi-mode extenders plus ASSIA's extensive experience in Wi-Fi optimization and management software, Hitron represents the market’s most complete broadband experience."

Hitron Technologies Inc. and Assia Inc.

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