Technetix touts Direction Neutral Amplifier for DOCSIS 4.0

ALBOURNE, UK – Demand for bandwidth over the cable network is higher than ever, as domestic and commercial usage increases daily, operators are reporting increases of over 20% in downstream traffic and increases of at least 50% in the upstream in the last few months.

Teams, Google Hangouts and Zoom are being used for meetings, medical consultations and educational purposes across the globe. Social activity has become focused on virtual quizzes and apps like Houseparty. Netflix and Amazon Prime are also providing audiences with box sets and households are keeping fit with the help of YouTube videos and live streamed classes. There are few areas of today's COVID-19 society that are untouched by the need for a high-speed, high-capacity broadband connection as multiple devices are being used in nearly every household.

Since bi-directional traffic over coax commenced, there has always been a clear divide between upstream and downstream data splits. This split has made it possible to upgrade signals in the existing network using by-pass filters and latterly diplex filters in the active components. The need for greater capacity, or speed over the upstream and downstream, means this separation has become a limiting factor when upgrading the network. Each upgrade requires new filters and additional labour.

Technetix recognised the need for flexibility and, as a result, developed the Direction Neutral Amplifier (DNA), an innovative solution for CATV networks with patented flexible split technology. Lab tests have shown that, in combination with a Distributed Gain Architecture (DGA), the DNA will improve network performance and flexibility, while power consumption decreases by 30%.

Read the full announcement here.


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