NXTcomm Slideshow, Part III

More pics and grins from Chicago

Phil Harvey, Editor-in-Chief

June 22, 2007

CHICAGO -- NXTcomm 2007 -- NXTcomm is over. And yet we still have pics to share. It's an embarrassment of riches if there ever was one. Click on the player below and enjoy:

1191.jpgOur photos were taken by Chris Lake. The captions aren't his fault.

And don't forget to watch our previous NXTcomm slideshows and our photo blogs from Chicago. (See NXTcomm Slideshow, Part I, NXTcomm Slideshow, Part II, and Chicago Pics.)— The Staff, Light Reading

Mmm... Bagels!1191.jpgThe only thing to remind us of Supercomm and Globalcomm
are the still uneaten bagels in the press room.A Magic Man1200.jpgWhen someone asks you to grab something from their mouth and pull, you really should know better.Huddle Up1201.jpg"We're going Red Right 88 on two, and don't miss the count this time, gottit?"Tinkling All Over 1202.jpgAfter listening to these two, fiber to the home doesn't seems as urgent as taking the piano to the curb.Connecting1203.jpgI don't care what people say, Americans are NOT susceptible to mass media advertising –
oh, wait, never mind.Fujitsu Network Communications1204.jpgThe woman in the photo is actually an Echo Boomer. Don't tell Tellabs.A Sales Sandwich1205.jpgAt the big Light Reading cocktail party, Michelle Gray (far left), Dave Williams (liberal Marxist), and ADVA's Sue Arnell pose for a photo. Light Reading's Jeff Claudino (far right) was last seen with Sue's wallet.Tongue on Cheek1206.jpgThe ITU's Toby Johnson is unaware that Light Reading's Ray Le Maistre is doing just the kind of thing
that gets your photo forwarded to 9,000 people and a handful of government agencies.A Drink & a Choke1215.jpgAt the LR, party, Jeanne Ulrich, Thad Ward, Karin Engstrom, Paul Marr, Ray Le Maistre, Nick Rowan, Brenda Gard, and Bill Gard all enjoy a drink while Ray Le Maistre chokes on a bread crust.Party Time1217.jpgWith so many good conversations going, it was hard to get anyone to start the Chicken Dance.
And we had the perfect floor for it, too.Four Screens, No Waiting1192.jpgAt the Ericsson booth, everyone milling around was pretending not to watch TV.Finger Foods1218.jpgIs it true that a prime rib sandwich is a rare find?Wild & Crazy Guy-Skis1219.jpgRob Raczkowski, Edward Zabitsky, and Chris Umiastowski got rich by combining their names
in a Scrabble tournament to pick up 4 billion points.Well, You Got Our Attention1193.jpgWho you calling yellow?The Borg Brings (Gasp!) PowerPoint1194.jpgIf you hung out too long at Microsoft's booth playing with Zune, they would send in the muscle
to explain the Connected Services Framework to you, which was worse than a good beating.Vogt's Blended Companies1195.jpgAt the Genband booth, all we did was ask for whatever CEO Charlie Vogt is carrying in his flask these days.Orange You Glad You Sat Down1196.jpgYou cannot resist peering into the portal of boredom. Magician or Venture Capitalist?1197.jpgReally, how hard is to make cash disappear?More Magic1198.jpgWhen someone says, "I'm going to eat this whole balloon,"
there just aren't many things you can say to stop them, are there?Magic Rules1199.jpgAbout now he's thinking, "And all I had to do was pass my Series 7 exam and I'd be
working on Wall Street right now." And the audience? The next slide gets their reaction.Gurrrgle1220.jpgEverybody clear out. He don't look good!Worse Than a Dry Martini1221.jpgSo what do you drink to wash down those press room bagels?
We recommend this libation we're calling "The Dirty Napkin."ADVA's Advocates1222.jpgADVA's Sue Arnell (again!), Shahla Siddigui, and Victoria DiGiulio deny that they're
hellbent on world domination. But it wasn't a very strong denial.

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After moving to the Republic of Texas, Harvey spent eight years as a contributing tech writer for D CEO magazine, producing columns about tech advances in everything from supercomputing to cellphone recycling.

Harvey is an avid photographer and camera collector – if you accept that compulsive shopping and "collecting" are the same.

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