C-SIDE Is Painless

3:00 PM -- MySpace is having its Elvis year. From The Philter's Rap Barnacle file, another gaggle of gangstas are hoping to boost their own song sales by piggybacking MySpace, as opposed to just writing something compelling:

Atlanta's newest and most diverse record label, 17.20 Records, prepares for the exclusive digital release of C-SIDE's "myspace.freak" with an impressive digital strategy plan that raises the bar for independent record labels.

"myspace.freak," featuring Atlanta's hit producer, Jazze Pha, is C-SIDE's clever answer to the phenomenon of MySpace. MySpace has become one of the most popular young adult websites on the Internet, with over 47 million members who, like C-SIDE themselves, have joined in on the craze. "This single provides us with the opportunity to service and promote a digital record to a digitally ravenous community of music lovers," states Terry K. Johnson, President/CEO 17.20 Records.

"This new model has afforded us the opportunity to be on the same playing field as the majors. We are committed to ensuring that all of our acts are released with a strong digital foundation and powerful strategic online partnerships to help us achieve our planned success. C-SIDE's record answers the call and is providing 17.20 Records with the launching pad to becoming the new media leader in the music business."

Isn't it weird that a company so on the cutting edge still calls itself a "record label"?

— Phil Harvey, MySpace Freak, Light Reading

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