Saisei claims its patented technology can double network bandwidth while avoiding roadblacks to important applications.

September 24, 2014

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SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- Saisei today unveiled the first in a new category of software-based Network Performance Enforcement (NPE) solutions that provide the sub-second network policy control, analytics and security required to manage the millions of applications, users and devices flooding enterprise and service provider networks today.

Taking advantage of patented flow-control technology that completely eliminates the requirement for queuing and scheduling of IP packets, the new Saisei FlowCommand family of NPE solutions are able to double the amount of data that can flow through a network link while ensuring no user application session on that link will ever drop or stall again. User service calls and performance complaints to network operators are eliminated as well.

FlowCommand can concurrently monitor up to 5 million flows on a 10G network link 20 times per second, and can control every flow according to powerful, flexible user-defined policies based on 40 metrics in under a second. Additionally, the scalable software supports the management and control of up to 1 billion external hosts. The real-time information is seamlessly integrated with historical data, allowing visualization and comparison of usage over any defined time period.

The Saisei product family consists of FlowCommand, FlowEnforcer, and FlowVision software that can be distributed either as a virtual machine image to run on a hypervisor, or can be packaged on a commodity x86 hardware system suitable for real-time monitoring and policy enforcement across links up to 10G. They can be deployed at the data center, branch office or any WAN edge. Asymmetrical in nature, these solutions do not need to be deployed on both ends of a link.

With the new FlowCommand family, enterprises and service providers can:

  • Raise routed IP link utilization from 50% to more than 95% and eliminate service complaints.

  • Take advantage of sub-second visibility and analytics. This eliminates the 10-minute response delay of traditional Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and visibility appliances by removing the requirement for background analysis.

  • Protect key applications and control non-critical applications: Critical applications, such as VoIP, video or other higher priority business apps, can be both protected and prioritized, and non-critical or undesirable applications can be limited, diverted, or blocked altogether.

  • Detect and prevent security risks in real time: Real-time flow analysis also allows security risks to be identified in real time, and allows various forms of risk-mitigation controls to be automatically implemented instantly in response.

  • Enforce net neutrality to guarantee fair usage: In typical networks, more than 80% of bandwidth is consumed by just 20% of users. Large file transfers or backups can also devastate a network if inadvertently done at the wrong time of day. FlowCommand’s unique Net Neutrality feature allows bandwidth to be shared equally among all users in real time, regardless of the applications they are running or how many users are attempting to use a link.

  • Allow different users, or groups of users, to receive different services. High-priority users can be given assured bandwidth levels, or can use its unique Rate Multiplier feature to be given a higher proportion of network bandwidth without regard to absolute levels.

The FlowCommand family of products are available now through Saisei and its value-added resellers worldwide.


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