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NextHop Technologies partners with Interpeak and Jaluna to ensure compatibility of their products with its GateD routing software

April 7, 2004

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- NextHopTechnologies® Inc., the definitive source for network routing softwaresolutions, and Interpeak AB, a leading supplier of Internet and securityprotocol solutions for embedded systems, today announced a co-marketingagreement to help assure the compatibility between Interpeak’s IPNETdual-mode IPv4/IPv6 TCP/IP routing stack for embedded systems andNextHop Technologies’ GateD(R) routing software, the industry’s de factostandard.

Interpeak’s IPNET is a full-featured TCP/IP stack including IPsec(Internet Protocol Security) specifically designed to be used in modernembedded real-time systems. The stack now operates seamlessly withNextHop’s GateD®, the most widely used vendor-neutral routing softwarein the world. These products will allow OEM and/or ODM vendors buildingcore, edge, enterprise, or SOHO (small and home office) class networkingequipment to bring products with a rich set of routing and IPv4/IPv6functionality to market faster.

“The combination of Interpeak and NextHop’s proven technologies providesour OEM customers faster, easier ways to get scalable IPv4 and IPv6network solutions to market,” said Urban Lindegren, vice president salesand marketing, Interpeak. “Our partnership with an industry leader suchas NextHop is consistent with our commitment to help OEMs quicklyimplement robust, comprehensive network connectivity into theirproducts.”

"NextHop continually looks to create partnerships that best serve ourcustomers’ needs,” said Dennis Tsu, vice president marketing and sales,NextHop Technologies. “With many of our current customers already usingInterpeak software as their IP stack, a partnership with a knowledgeablecompany like Interpeak made sense on many levels. There are two growingmarket segments we plan to address with this partnership: securityappliance companies who need to add routing functionality to their boxesto remain competitive with other manufacturers, and network equipmentmanufacturers who need to bolster their IPv4/IPv6 capabilities.Together, our technologies allow hardware manufacturers to achieve thesetwo challenges in one solution.”

In a separate release:

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- NextHopTechnologies® Inc., the definitive source for network routing softwaresolutions, and Jaluna® SA, provider of multiple operating systemplatform solutions today announced a co-marketing agreement to helpassure the compatibility between NextHop Technologies’GateD(R) routing software, the industry’s de facto standard andJaluna/OSwareÔ, the multiple operating system (OS) platform anddevelopment environment. Multi-service routing platforms allow carriersto deploy profitable services such as on-demand provisioning, subscriberself-provisioning, Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), VPNs (virtualprivate networks), VOIP (voice over Internet protocol), streamingmultimedia and web caching services.

Jaluna/OSware allows several Linux instances to run on a single machinein a controlled environment. This enables network service providers toreduce costs by implementing new services on fewer systems. Workingseamlessly with NextHop’s easy-to-install GateD® NGC (Next GenerationCarrier) 2.0 routing software, the combination will provide acombination of services and scalability designed specifically to meetthe challenging needs of network equipment manufacturers in the serviceprovider core, metro and edge markets.

GateD NGC routing software provides an unmatched breadth of routingscope that includes IPv4 (Internet protocol version 4) unicast andmulticast routing, IPv6 routing, MPLS (multi-protocol label switching)signaling, and virtual routing and VPN (virtual private network)support.

“Having the de facto standard GateD software provide a robust routingsolution for Jaluna/OSware helps us meet the needs of network equipmentvendors that are increasingly looking for integrated routing andLinux-based solutions to get their products to market quickly,” statesMichel Gien, CEO, Jaluna SA. “We see this combination providing themwith solid state-of-the-art technology that is easy to develop, installand use.”

“Working with Jaluna we can meet customers’ demands with a solid,pre-tested, easy-to-integrate, ‘OS plus routing’ joint solution thatwill allow creation and deployment of systems able to run multipleapplications on a single piece of hardware,” states Dennis Tsu, vicepresident marketing and sales for NextHop. “Understanding the needs ofthe industry and providing the best routing solutions for networkequipment manufacturers is a critical requirement for next-generationnetworks and continues to be NextHop’s mission.”

NextHop Technologies Inc.

Interpeak AB


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