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We've Always Wanted a Glow-in-the-Dark Binary Code Infinity Scarf
And it's solar-powered?!  (Source: Svaha)
And it's solar-powered?!
(Source: Svaha)

ErynLeavens 2/9/2018 | 1:16:29 PM
Re: Spiffy scarves Totally agree, Kelsey! I think the clothing is a fun idea but their marketing has a long way to go to match the desired demographic.

The double standard for success is old and needs to go. Here's to hoping 2018 is the turning point. ; )
Kelsey Ziser 2/9/2018 | 9:12:13 AM
Spiffy scarves Binary code scarf is pretty cool but I looked at the website and I'm not sure how dressing like Miss Frizzle makes you "look like a scientist" in the context I think the creators were going for. The designs are interesting but seems like more of what a science teacher might wear versus an engineer at a conference. Maybe I'm too culturally conditioned?

Glamour article was interesting and I'd have to agree -- women have been stepping up and showing up for years, but if you climb too high you're "unlikeable" and "trying to hard." A male CEO, on the other hand, might be "unlikeable" but people would probably just call him "successful" and leave it at that.
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