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The Inner Digital Transformation World in Nice

What's it all for? Why are we here? What's the French for 'ennui'? Oh, I nearly forgot: Here's the much-anticipated recap of the TM Forum event on the French Riviera.

kq4ym 5/29/2018 | 12:38:19 PM
Re: Bonjour tristesse Pretty funny stuff there! I think I'll go out into the forest this afternoon and see if there's a sound when a tree falls and no one is there to see it. The French Riviera is a place to let all our dreams and musings roll out it seems.
brooks7 5/18/2018 | 5:54:52 PM
Re: Bonjour tristesse
Well, if Larry was in this video it would be a lot less emo.
Phil Harvey 5/18/2018 | 2:03:41 PM
Re: Bonjour tristesse I'm welling up, too.

Ah, wait. I sat on my keys again.
PaulERainford 5/16/2018 | 10:12:04 AM
Bonjour tristesse I'm literally welling up after watching this. It needs to carry a sad-faced emoji rating.
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