Slideshow128 Technology Goes Zero-Touch

UdyRegan 7/10/2018 | 2:13:51 AM
Re: 128 With all the benefit that such an arrangement gives to the 2 vendors, I'm really surprised that we can't have more of such collaborative efforts in the business world between 2 companies. I should think that people and businesses alike would be very happy to know that there is such a seamless transition from one point of the network to another simply because such partnerships give them access to the services in such a convenient way!
Joe Stanganelli 4/16/2018 | 9:48:03 PM
128 It'll be interesting to see where this leads 128. I've spoken to Klett (and others there) before. They have been very focused on reinventing the way networks are built and secured without just slapping virtualization on it -- but still introducing an AI-like element. SD-WAN definitely seems the way to go, particularly for telcos/network operators, as we gradually evolve toward SONs (self-organized networks).
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