Singtel and Optus partner with AWS for 5G edge

Singtel has expanded its partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), in this case placing its focus on 5G edge computing support for enterprise customers by adding AWS Outposts to its lineup of hybrid cloud offerings.

The move comes only weeks after the Singapore-based operator partnered with Microsoft Azure for edge computing services based on 5G technology.

Under this latest tie-up, Singtel and Australian subsidiary Optus plan to enable enterprises and startups to develop low-latency 5G services on their multi-access edge compute (MEC) infrastructures, with the help of Outposts.

On the edge: Edge computing brings drones and other connected devices closer to the end user, meaning ultra-low latency.  (Source: Saffu on Unsplash)
On the edge: Edge computing brings drones and other connected devices closer to the end user, meaning ultra-low latency.
(Source: Saffu on Unsplash)

Such services include the likes of robotics, drones, autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence that require ultra-low latency and therefore benefit from being placed closer to the end user.

Taking on the hybrid cloud

AWS Outposts is described as a product designed to enable service providers to operate the full suite of AWS tools and services on their premises.

As explained by Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal analyst with ZK Research, AWS launched Outposts at its user event, re:Invent, in 2018, "marking a strategic investment in hybrid cloud."

Kerravala noted at the time that while AWS had previously established a relationship with VMware and Cisco Systems, Outposts is a full turnkey solution that lets customers "lift and shift" into a private cloud but still have access to AWS services.

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"Customers want to do hybrid and instead of running from it, AWS is making the process easy, peasy, lemon squeezy," Kerravala said.

Bill Chang, CEO of Group Enterprise at Singtel, said that as the group gears up to push 5G adoption in Singapore and in Australia, it plans to "deepen our collaboration with AWS to expand beyond the two countries to the region. This will enhance our portfolio of 5G edge computing apps to empower enterprises with the means to accelerate their digital transformation."

Singtel launched a 5G standalone trial network in October last year to enable enterprises to develop and trial services. It switched on its non-standalone network in September and introduced a three-month trial for its consumer and enterprise customers.

In February this year, it introduced XO Plus plans with 5G and some free access to augmented reality and virtual reality services.

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