SlideshowAT&T's Gilbert: AI Critical to 5G Infrastructure

AT&T's Mazin Gilbert
AT&T's Mazin Gilbert

James_B_Crawshaw 9/7/2018 | 2:31:42 PM
AI in Telecom Operations: Opportunities & Obstacles Heavy Reading yesterday published its own take on the opportunities for AI in telecoms. Networking is certainly getting more complicated with 5G and NFV but there is plenty of scope for AI to increase efficiency with current technologies. Check out the report for more details:


MindCommerce 9/7/2018 | 1:54:39 PM
AI in 5G a big Deal, especially for Security We agree that AI is a "Big Deal" for 5G, especially when it comes to security.

As most of us know, 5G will enable massive IoT, and much of this will be part of distributed nodes as part of Mobile Edge Computing (MEC). Edge computing has very different requirements in terms of security support. Mini-datacenters and servers for MEC will need to have an AI based security approach as traditional security will require too-frequent updates to ensure threats are addressed. Also, MEC nodes will need support to ensure that peer-to-peer computing requests do not cause problems.

Could go on and on but I suspect readers get the idea: AI is important for 5G, because it's important for edge computing, which is important for IoT, which is supported by 5G

This is just one example area !!
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