T-Mobile's Mishka Dehghan: Simplifying 5G apps in four huge industries

T-Mobile for Business SVP Mishka Dehghan explains the rationale behind the carrier's move to package 5G solutions for businesses to get them to market quickly and still allow for some customization.

Dehghan said the company has developed "end-to-end packages," a bundle of connectivity, computing, devices and applications for specific use cases in retail, manufacturing, logistics and smart cities.

It's a big move because of T-Mobile's dominant position in 5G and its market power. It's also incredibly interesting to see a carrier of its size promise to tiptoe the tightrope between a one-size-fits-all approach and the kind of block-by-block tinkering that ruined smart cities as a market for a few of its carrier competitors.

Dehghan said T-Mobile's efforts here are rooted in deep conversations with industry CIOs who were challenged by the daunting trial and error of having to "go through dozens and dozens of applications and solutions and devices" to find ways to use 5G connectivity to hit their business targets or better serve their citizens.

Her point is that even though every use case is slightly different, the broader goals are similar enough that T-Mobile's packaged solution can get a business or city going more quickly. In retail, for example, there may be thousands of types of retailers, but nearly all of them want to know, "How can I marry up the data that I'm getting from all of my customers with my point of sale, both online and in the store?"

Dehghan said T-Mobile is using its 5G market leadership to "simplify the value proposition for customers even further, so that they can adopt these newer solutions in a much more consumable way."

Phil Harvey, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

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