Mediacom Direct Connects to Netflix

Mediacom Park, NY -- Mediacom Communications today announced that as part of an ongoing network investment strategy the Company has completed construction of direct fiber connections to Netflix, Inc.'s network. As a result, Netflix customers subscribing to Mediacom's high-speed Internet services have enjoyed steadily improving performance over the last few months.

"In May of this year, we announced plans to build a fiber connection directly linking Mediacom and Netflix's networks," said Mediacom's Executive Vice President of Operations, John Pascarelli. "Netflix is the world's most popular online television provider, and accounts for over 35% of all U.S. Internet traffic during peak hours. As the leading provider of broadband services in the markets we serve, Mediacom recognized the importance of delivering a consistently robust and reliable Netflix experience to our growing customer base."

"We began moving Netflix traffic to the direct fiber connection in late July, and completed the transition in September," continued Pascarelli. "Each month since initiating the changeover, our performance on the monthly Netflix ISP Speed Index has improved, and many of our competitors have fallen farther behind."

Mediacom Communications Corp.

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