By the Numbers – Twitter Streams the NFL

Twitter's had a rough road with investors of late, but it's hoping that live streaming video will be the balm to cure its financial ills.

Like many content producers, Twitter Inc. sees live video as a huge opportunity for new revenue. And to get the party started, Twitter has been broadcasting several live events online, including coverage of Wimbledon and this summer's Democratic and Republican National Conventions. (See Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Live Video.)

Last night was Twitter's biggest test to date, however, with a live stream of the New York Jets facing off against the Buffalo Bills in week two of the National Football League season. For a little context on the day after, here's what the NFL on Twitter looks like by the numbers.

  • 10 Million -- The amount of money Twitter reportedly paid for the rights to broadcast Thursday Night Football (TNF) games

  • 19.18 -- Twitter's stock price high Friday morning, up from $18.30 at market closing time on Thursday

  • 8 -- The percent decline in traditional TV ratings for last week's season-opening game on Thursday night compared to 2015

  • 3 -- The maximum bitrate reported by analyst Dan Rayburn for Twitter's NFL stream on the MacBook and Apple TV

  • 0 -- The amount consumers had to pay to access last night's live football stream; no pay-TV subscriber authentication required

— Mari Silbey, Senior Editor, Cable/Video, Light Reading

Mitch Wagner 9/19/2016 | 10:42:42 AM
Re: Home run! It's just a start for Twitter. Long way to go until it's successful. Ultimately, I think investors have to realize that Twitter is mature now. There is no future path to massive growth. 
msilbey 9/19/2016 | 10:14:28 AM
Re: Home run! I'm still skeptical. But as a Twitter user, I'm happy about anything that helps the company stay in business.
Mitch Wagner 9/16/2016 | 3:58:21 PM
Home run! There hasn't been much good news out of twitter for a long time. This news isn' t just good -- it's great. 

A while ago, I recall seeing analysis that Twitter the company is repositioning itself as a platform for the realtime Internet, of which Twitter as we know it is just one service. Sounds like that strategy is paying off.
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