MediaKind Launches Tech Alliance, Intros Low-Latency ABR

FRISCO, Texas -- At IBC2019, MediaKind, a global media technology leader, is launching the MediaKind Universe Alliance - an innovative technology partnership program which gives content providers, service providers, and operators access to complete solutions that combine technologies and services from MediaKind with leading partners in Cloud and other offerings. It enables critical industry collaboration for and seamless delivery of joint solutions with a goal of advancing all aspects of video delivery and experience, with special effort and focus on industrializing OTT video to broadcast-quality and scale.

With its innovative, integrated, and growing group of partners – which span from cloud-based services to self-service enablement for as-a-Service (aaS) offerings to monitoring and quality of experience – the MediaKind Universe Alliance offers application-specific, end to end solutions that directly address the challenges of content providers, service providers, and operators. It responds to the growth of as-a-Service solutions across the media chain and the need for more agile and flexible pathways towards cloud-based, bandwidth-efficient, IP-centric offerings. By harnessing the complementary technology and resources of the MediaKind Universe Alliance partner program, customers can tap into a wealth of expertise, fast-to-deploy solutions and managed services to gain a highly edge in an increasingly fragmented media landscape.

The MediaKind Universe Alliance has been designed to deliver highly flexible, interoperable and standardized technologies, inclusive of multiple customer choices for cloud services and other partner technology and services. The program is guided by principles of open standards and welcomes partners who, through mature technology and proven delivery capabilities, demonstrate the ability to contribute to the advancement of quality and scale of next-gen video delivery and experience, especially within the streaming video ecosystem.

In a separate announcement:
FRISCO, TEXAS -- MediaKind, a global media technology leader, is launching a pre-integrated low latency solution for broadcasters and operators delivering live content to consumers using ABR technology for OTT or streaming services. The solution leverages ‘direct path’ technology between encoder and packager to reduce the time to move content from one media processing function to the next. When combined with other MediaKind products, this optimized AV solution can dramatically enhance ABR content delivery, including high-quality encoding using a constant video quality (CVQ).

Today, streaming video from a live event such as sport has an element of delay when watching on a mobile or second screen device. The delay is due to content being captured, encoded, packaged, stored and then moved over to content delivery networks (CDN) for delivery to end consumers. To reduce latency and enable consumers to see the action as close to real time as possible, MediaKind has developed a solution that addresses the layers of delay that cause high glass-to-glass latency in OTT streaming and ABR content from 45-60 seconds to 3-7 seconds. The solution combines components from its Aquila solutions portfolio, including linear encoding, packaging and video storage & processing, to provide advanced technology for consumer delivery of next generation TV services.

The solution supports the CMAF standard, which aims to bring a single standard to segmented media for delivery and decoding to an end user device. It complements CTE for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (MPEG-DASH) as a packaged output format. This greatly reduces the minimum data size of a delivered segment down to an individual chunk, instead of multiple seconds of video, and is optimized to integrate with media players to minimize latency whilst enabling reliable delivery.


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