U.S. Broadband Penetration Surges

U.S. broadband penetration spiked last month, according to the latest figures compiled by Web Site Optimization. Using data from Nielsen/NetRatings, Web Site Optimization said 58.5% of active Internet users had broadband connections at home in April, up from 57.0% in March. Given that many American households still don't enjoy Internet access, broadband penetration of all U.S. homes has now scaled at least 33%. At work, the organization reported, more than 81% of U.S. Internet users enjoyed a high-speed link in April. That's down slightly from March's total. Web Site Optimization predicted that 60% of home Internet users could have a broadband link by July, if present trends continue. In a recent telephone poll, it noted, Harris Interactive found that 54% of American adults who go online use broadband at home.

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