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The Light Reading Hall of Fame: The 2018 Inductees

The Light Reading Hall of Fame recognizes those individuals, both the famous and the infamous, who have made a notable contribution to the global communications sector.

From its origination in 2010, this annual list celebrates individuals whose contributions have shaped the modern communications industry, or whose impact just cannot be ignored.

This year's list, announced for the first time at the 2018 Leading Lights Awards in Austin, Texas last week, is no different. We have five inductees, and they're changing every part of this industry, from the core infrastructure to the services in the cloud.

What follows is the official Hall of Fame video, debuted during the Leading Lights Awards, as well as the write-ups detailing who made it in -- and why. For the complete list of previous Hall of Fame inductees, check out Light Recap: The Light Reading Hall of Fame.

Basil Alwan, President of IP/Optical Networks, Nokia
In May 2003, Alcatel paid $150 million in stock for an edge routing startup called TiMetra. The company was touting a new product concept -- the service edge router -- but it had no announced customers.

Alcatel struck gold twice -- it got a solid product and an even better executive leader in TiMetra's founder and CEO, Basil Alwan. From its entry into the service provider router business with the TiMetra purchase, Alcatel (and later, Alcatel-Lucent) went on a tear, gaining market share consistently over the next decade and amassing more than 400 customers in more than 120 countries around the world, not to mention billions of dollars in revenue.

While most startup CEOs would have gone back to Silicon Valley to open a yoga studio or an alpaca farm or some other insufferable thing, Alwan stayed the course as one of the most consistent executive leaders Light Reading has ever covered. In January 2016 Nokia named Alwan as one of its top managers, making him President of the company's IP and Optical Networks group.

In the past, Alwan was nominated for the HoF, but he didn't quite make it. We're fixing that now and wishing him well on another two-plus decades of changing the IP networking world as we know it.

Basil sent us an acceptance speech. Check it out:

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