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Podcast: Distributed cloud brings edge to enterprises

IBM's Bill Lambertson and Lumen Technologies' Dave Shacochis join the podcast to discuss the distributed cloud and how it supports delivery of edge computing resources to enterprises.

"The distributed cloud allows you to bring down a whole set of public cloud capabilities and SRE [site reliability engineering] support on-premise or in your location of choice," explains Lambertson.

Lumen recently deployed IBM Cloud Satellite, IBM's distributed cloud service, across 180,000 of the service provider's global edge locations. Shacochis and Lambertson share several use cases for how this deployment could help enterprise customers, such as providing video analytics to improve worker safety measures in manufacturing and distribution centers.

"The integration and use case we tested was more facility and worker-safety based. Hard-hat detection is one of the computer vision algorithms that IBM software already knows how to plug-in and detect," says Shacochis. "Avoid one accident and the whole system pays for itself in many ways."

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— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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