MobiledgeX's Jason Hoffman: State of the Edge

Jason Hoffman is CEO of MobiledgeX, a relatively new company that is a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom focusing on developer-facing edge services and everything that is needed from an edge perspective leading up to 5G. Why is edge important, what services are needed, who is edge for and what is needed to make sure we build an edge for people other than ourselves?
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11/10/2018 | 3:47:33 AM
Brilliant interview
Which is due both to Hoffman and your thoughtful direction with your questions.
7/23/2018 | 6:36:25 PM
Follow up on Jason Hoffman Kubernetes ideas

This is quote from Jason Hoffman from an Interview on Light Reading

You have a really simple thing. For every 5G vendor the whole architecture of 5G is disaggregated hardware and software and every vendor for example is standardized, but really each is a set of microservices running on Kubernetes. Every vendor in the space has picked a distributed container platform. To deploy literally all the 5G software in it. the transition to 5G means that you know the millions of base stations in the world are going to be talking to Kubernetes clusters. So, what else should we be doing? For example, the idea that all we're doing is running radio control software.
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The likes are among  top players on Kubernetes, 

Lakshmi Sharma

Market and Technology Startegist : MPLS | SD-WAN | NFVi | MEF ! Network and Business Infrastructure | SDN/NFV

Nati Shalom
CTO & Founder at Cloudify


7/17/2018 | 2:44:19 PM
Deconstructing Edge Computing
LightReading ask the following brillant questions
  1.   Why is edge important?
  2.   What services are needed?
  3.   Who the edge for?
  4.   What is needed to make sure we build an edge for people other than ourselves?

These questions are visionary objects The people in the street can not visualize the answers. 

Nicholas Carr says: " if we can't define it, we can't automate it either." Usually future customers do not say: "I want this, or that" in response to the 4th bullet. They don't know how to say what they want.

 "For a digital transformation to be successful, companies will need storytellers, UX designers and product managers, among other roles". " five years from now, we won't be worried about coders, but the lack of people with soft skills. We're short on people who can understand the human experience."


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