Nokia launches knowledge hub for newcomer broadband network builders

ESPOO, Finland – Nokia has today launched the Fiber Techzone knowledge hub. The free resource, aimed at newcomers to the fiber broadband space, gives comprehensive guidance about how to plan, fund, build, operate, and monetize a broadband network.

According to Omdia, fiber broadband today reaches 850 million homes, or 65% of the global population, and will grow to 70% by 2025. A diverse ecosystem of operators includes major communication service providers, utility companies, investment companies building open networks which are wholesaled to virtual operators, start-ups and even cable operators.

In many countries, newcomer, community-based operators are leading the drive to connect the harder to reach homes. Whilst fiber deployments will last many generations, the initial investment in digging up the roads is high. Governments around the world are providing significant investment to support new builds, but completing grant applications requires deep domain understanding.

Fiber Techzone will provide broadband builders with much needed insight, from high level explanations of how fiber-to-the-home networks work, to how they can improve in-home Wi-Fi experience for their customers, to recommendations how to monetize their fiber investment.

According to Dell'Oro, Nokia was the 2021 market share leader for XGS-PON equipment, today's gold standard for fiber networks. Fiber Techzone draws on Nokia's 20+ years of building fiber networks and its leadership in all aspects, from network equipment to operational software to home Wi-Fi beacons.

Read the full press release here.


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