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Podcast: Microsoft Azure's Khalidi curates carrier clouds

Yousef Khalidi, corporate VP of Azure for Operators at Microsoft and a member of the founding team of Azure, joins the podcast to discuss how his role has evolved to working on Azure for Operators. Khalidi explains why working with service providers requires a different approach to enterprise customers.

"Operators have very unique requirements," says Khalidi. "The level of carrier-grade networking and availability is higher than what most other customers need. On a technical level, things like packet processing, number of loads and so forth, are much higher than what you would need for an enterprise application."

Khalidi also discusses the economic benefits operators can experience by partnering with a cloud provider, such as cost savings and new monetization opportunities, and how the cloud model enables operators to "really future-proof more of the infrastructure and concentrate on your value-add versus the plumbing."

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— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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