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BT Deploys Zscaler to Secure Managed Cloud Services

LONDON -- BT is directly connecting Zscaler access points into its global network so that BT customers can benefit from lower latency and better performing applications over secure internet connections. The improved interconnectivity reduces the need to move traffic over great distances to access Zscaler nodes for secure internet access.

BT’s Assure Managed Cloud with Zscaler service scans and filters every byte of network traffic, including SSL-encrypted sessions, as it passes to and from the internet. The Zscaler access points - now integrated into BT’s network - act as a series of traffic checkposts between organisations and the public internet to identify and block potential threats and to protect intellectual property.

As a cloud-based service, no hardware or maintenance is required and the management of internet policies and reporting are done from a single centralised portal. This helps ensure consistent protection and policy across all users in an organisation.

The new Zscaler and BT interconnection points will initially be available in Europe, followed by extension of the service to the Americas and Asia Pacific. The new service comes at no additional cost to existing customers as part of BT's ongoing investment into the execution of its Cloud of Cloudsportfolio strategy.

BT Group plc (NYSE: BT; London: BTA)

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