The Divide: Hughes SVP on low-density broadband and keeping satellite competitive

This week: Mark Wymer, SVP at Hughes, on how the company's Jupiter-3 satellite has enabled faster service options, and how Hughes views satellite broadband's future as more federally funded fiber rolls out in rural areas.

Nicole Ferraro, Editor, host of 'The Divide' podcast

April 15, 2024

At a Glance

  • Why the Jupiter-3 satellite launch was a 'turning point' for Hughes (02:45)
  • Rising competition from low-Earth orbit (LEO) services and federally funded fiber in rural areas (05:17)
  • How Hughes works with partners on global satellite broadband delivery (12:17)

This episode features Mark Wymer, senior vice president at Hughes Network Systems, where he oversees the Hughesnet product line, a satellite Internet service for rural and low-density areas.

We catch up on the ways Hughes is closing connectivity gaps in the US and abroad with its satellite broadband services, and specifically how the company's launch of its Jupiter-3 satellite last summer has allowed Hughes to offer more competitive options in rural areas.

We also discuss the role of satellite broadband in a world of federally funded fiber deployments, including how Broadband Equity Access and Deployment (BEAD) funding might impact Hughes' service areas – and more.

Here are a few topics we cover in this episode:

  • Why the Jupiter-3 satellite launch was a "turning point" for Hughes (02:45)

  • How Hughes is competing with low-Earth orbit (LEO) offerings, and what role Wymer thinks Hughesnet plays in a world of federally funded fiber competition (05:17)

  • New speed offerings from Hughesnet, enabled by the Jupiter-3 satellite (10:22)

  • How Hughes works with partners on global satellite broadband delivery (12:17)

  • Why direct-to-device communications is key to Hughes' long-term strategy (15:00)

For a lightly edited transcript, click the caption button on the podcast player.

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